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Bifold Doors are a great way to add a stunning feature to your home - bringing the outside world into your living space and enabling you to maximise the use of both your interior and exterior space.

Technology changes all the time and we are working hard to bring our valued customers to very latest developments. Please bookmark our blog and follow us on twitter to find out about the latest news first.

    2013-06-20  New " AS 5000" Superslider arrives
    2013-05-19  New larger door leaf sizes up to 1200mm per panel.
    2013-05-06  First "Secure By design" Alumnium Bi Folding doors
    2013-04-16  UpvC Bifold Doors with a Timber look finish
    2013-04-16  First Hybrid Bi Fold door Installed in Upton By chester
    2013-04-03  HWL Lantern Added to Bi Fold Range
    2013-02-12  aluminium bi fold door cheshire increase by 70%
    2012-10-12  Large Sliding doors to Bi Fold range
    1970-01-01  Slimline ATS Roof Lantern

New " AS 5000" Superslider arrives


The staff our putting the final touches to our new AS 5000 Superslider in the showroom . The new door can made to an individual leaf size 3000mm  x 2500mm high giving  the option of a double slider 6000mm x 2500mm high.

The new AS5000 has a dual slide option as standard to give you the option to open the door from both ends. triple slide and quadruple slide slide is also available for openings upto 9000mm x 2500 hign

New larger door leaf sizes up to 1200mm per panel.


There has been a continued requests from customers for even larger door leafs on Bi Fold doors over the years. For example a customer recently requested a 3200mm opening with 4 doors. Working closely with our partner gearing manufacturers we our pleased confirm our New Ultimate Bi Fold door can now be fabricated in door leaf sizes up to 1200mm wide x 2500mm tall. Great news for those difficult size openings or that more panoramic look from your home to the outside world.

First "Secure By design" Alumnium Bi Folding doors


We are delighted to be able to offer the first Aluminium Bi Fold door to carry the award winning "Secure by design&quote; logo.
This is a Official Police Security Initiative in the UK and is the only form of national Police accreditation for security products. The initiative is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and is a result of the wider initiative to reduce the occurrence of crime through careful design and manufacture.

Offering complete security and piece of mind; Secure by Design is one of the most important awards a door can achieve in terms of the level of security they provide for your building.

our new Ultimate Bi fold door is now available to order and in a few days time we will also have exciting news about the available panel sizes for our Ultimate Bi fold door too.

UpvC Bifold Doors with a Timber look finish


A recent addition to our extensive Bifold Door range the "Timber Look" bifold has been a hit with our customers over the last six months. This hybrid door which is comprised of a UpvC construction which is available in a choice of colours; standard white, white ash, foil- black ash, grey foil and a complete range of wood finishes.

Offering many of the sought after benefits of aluminium bifolds, which can be more expensive than UpvC doors, such as slim sight lines and floor flush operation, combined with the low maintenance requirements of UpvC. Our hybrid doors can truly be seen as an opportunity to have traditional timber styling for your home without the ongoing maintenance and care that a true timber bifold would require.

In addition to the choice of wood grain finishes we can also provide the Bi folding door in a specific RAL colour should you wish. We can also provide the doors colour bonded to any RAL colour on a foiled finish to look like timber or Smooth PvcU as required too.

With all these benefits the hybrid bifold can be seen as a real alternative to both Timber and Aluminium. Call our expert team on 0151 342 2266 to discuss all the options and arrange a visit to our showroom to see the hybrid Timber Look bifold for yourself.

First Hybrid Bi Fold door Installed in Upton By chester


We have just completed the first Installation of our brand new Hybrid PvcU / Alumnium Bi Fold door range and we can report a resounding success in both matching the clients expectations and budget.

With very attractive 135mm sight lines, a low walk-through threshold. Thermally efficient 28mm "A" Rated units the Hybrid Bi Fold is a great option for adding a admired Bifold Door to your home.

Orders and deliveries of the Hybrid Bi Fold have been building over the recent weeks and we will be installing many of them throughout the North West and wider UK over the coming months.

Here is a during installation picture to give you an idea of how great this Bi Fold looks.

HWL Lantern Added to Bi Fold Range


Bi-folding doors and glass lantern lights have become the one of the most popular (and trendy) upgrades to homes in the UK in recent years. As a result we are pleased to introduce our new Glass Lanterns range to Bifold Solutions which gives you the option to complement a new Bifold Door with a matching Glass Lantern to complete the designer look and finish.

We have introduced to our range a fantastic fully Polyester Powder coated Aluminium Glass Lantern system which is installed complete with a thermal break to maximise energy efficiency and prevent heat loss. The roof spars are a mere 40mm wide to create a stunning contemporary all glass look.

Our new HWL Roof lantern can be ordered with either double or triple glazed units, depending on your requirements, which are up to 44mm thick. We are delighted to report that the HWL Roof Lantern has achieved an overall U value of 0.7 when ordered glazed with 0.5U Triple glazed units.

The HWL Roof system can be sprayed to any RAL Colour of your choice to complement existing features of your home, and is available in a dual or single colour should you wish the external face to be a different colour to the internal face. All the HWL Roof Lanterns are completed with a marine finish for maximum defence against the weather and total peace of mind.

Also available and freshly introduced into our Roof Lantern range we have a PvcU Roof lantern for the more traditional look and style. The PvcU K1 Roof lantern can also be sprayed to any RAL colour you wish to match in with your Bi folding doors, sliding doors or any other feature of your home.


aluminium bi fold door cheshire increase by 70%


As a Company sales of our Centro C1 bi fold has out sold all other aluminium bi folding door in our product range. Mr Knight puts its down to its low overall U value 1.1 when glazed with 44mm triple glazed units. Bi fold solutions now install triple glazed units with a U value as low as .5 to achieve such a low insulative value as standard. When trying to achieve a internorm ecohuas style installation you most also look at solar gain at Bi fold solutions we also offer a range of solar cooling glass in clear or tinted finishes When purchasing a Bi fold door consider * floor threshold * overall U value of the bi fold door you are purchasing - heat retaining. * solar gain - which way do the doors face * paint finish - marine finish * site line thickness 135mm.

Large Sliding doors to Bi Fold range


As a leading supplier of Bi Fold doors we are often asked by our clients to install matching sliding doors for many projects. We are pleased to announce that we can now offer a complete range of Aluminium, Aluminium timber Clad, PvcU (UpvC) and Timber sliding doors.

These superb sliding doors can be either triple or double glazed depending on your requirements and our sliding doors range also includes high eco performance doors such as the Internorm HF330 Triple Glazed sliding Doors which reach a Ug Value as low as 0.7.

Our popular Allstyle Range of sliding doors can be manufactured with dimensions up to 3000mm x 2500mm per panel on a dual or multi sliding track system.

If you'd like to see some of our sliding doors and the differences between the ranges please visit our showroom where our team will be on hand to give you all the advice you need.

Slimline ATS Roof Lantern


Lancashire Kitchen our delighted with our first installtion of our new Ats Roof Lantern

The Ats Roof lantern is a Fully Thermally Broken system. The Aluminium is Polyester Powder coated as standard to any Ral Colour of your choice. We our stocking white, black and 7016 mat Grey to reduce lead times .

Electric or Manual roof vents can be installed with the option of Heat or Rain sencor opening and closing.

We have worked closely to with our extruders to create a Rafter and Internal Ridge Cover as narrow as 40mm wide.

The external cappings can be Flat or featured . The new Ats skylight can take snow and wind loads of 1.4 Kn/m2.

The New Slimline ATS Roof lantern can take 28mm double or 44mm Triple Glazing. With triple Glazing the roof roof would have a Glass U value of .7 and an overall rafter U Value 0.7.