Centor C1 bifold door installed in a stunning open plan extension, Oxton, Wirral.

Centor® C1 Aluminium Bifolding Doors

Since being launched in the UK in 2011 the Centor® C1 has fast become the most sought after bifolding door on the market. The Centor® C1 offers unparralled thermal efficiency, triple glazed, 44mm units, giving a centre pane u value of 0.7.

The clean, modern lines of the Centor® C1 external folding doors are specifically designed to offer a look and feel which blends seemlessly with stylish contemporary living. Other features of the Centor® C1 bifold are:

  • Triple Glazed with 44mm units
  • Low Threshold option
  • Fully weather sealed
  • Centre Pane u value of 0.7

Why Choose a Centor® C1 Folding Door?

Folding Doors (bifolds) are a fantastic addition to your home and the Centor® C1 offers a truly distinctive bifold with superior performance. The Centor® C1 doors offer clean lines of contemporary design combined with easy, finger tip touch, smooth gliding operation. The Centor® C1 has been designed from the beginning to feature the highest levels of security to provide peace of mind at all times. In addition the Centor® C1 features impressive green credentials with all year round comfort provided by carefully integrated thermal insulation properties.


Superb Security for Peace of Mind

The Centor® C1 Folding Door range has been designed with a emphasis on ensuring high levels of security, providing peace of mind for your business or family. All of the high performance major moving parts comprising the body of the bifold doors and the operation of them is concealed within the frames adding stability and strength to the structure. The hinge pins which create the bifold effect are irremovable and ensure the doors cannot be tampered with from the outside.


What ever size or configuration of your Centor® C1 bifold the main access point of the doors is fitted with a robust and high performance multi-point locking system. This is in addition to the single action twin point lock which secures the whole bifold system. This additional twin point system is offered in either a keyless or keyed version depending on the installation location of the bifold or your personal preference.




Achieve a U value as low as 0.7 with 44mm triple glazing, a triple sealed frame and polymide thermal break.